Ignition control designing for aspirated engines

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Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices

In my thesis I present the development and the construction of a microcontroller based ignition system which is able to determine the optimal advanced ignition angle, based on two parameters for the actual working point and also able to give the spark control signal for the ignition driver stage. These two parameters are the rotation speed of the engine and the pressure in the intake manifold. I had to study the basics of the ignition systems and the additional technical specifications for the design phase of the development.

The timing of the ignition is a critical topic of controlling the internal combustion engines because it has a direct effect to the effectiveness of the engine through the compromised mixture’s optimal burning, and also to the maximum power and the reduced emission which is a baseline in the European Union.

The main advantage of the microcontroller controlled ignition controllers is the lack of the uncertainty of the mechanical controller structures.

The aim of my thesis is not only the modernization of my car, but to give an option for the veteran cars to make them more environment friendly.


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