Prepayment Module Development for Smart Metering Systems

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My thesis work introduces smart grids and then smart metering in more details. The implemented module for prepayment tariffs is intended to operating in this field. Smart grids are complex systems defined by standards. Integration with it and providing acceptable service level is a challenge. I have examined this challenge and I have aimed my work to be satisfy the challenge.

Service-oriented architecture are intended to solving this kind of challenges. Thus the service-oriented architecture and common integration solutions are also introduced. This paradigms and solutions are also used during design and implementation time.

The use of frameworks solve the service implementation and integration in an abstract way. I have defined patterns for the usage of a framework. This patterns solves the implementation of non-functional requirements in a cost-efficient way. This patterns are intended to be my answer on supporting application development for smart grids. I’ve used Spring Integration as the integration framework.

I’ve designed the prepayment module using model driven methodologies. The module isn’t intended for production as now, it’s intended display the defined patterns.

During the introduction of the implemented module I’m highlighting the integration of the services in the process chains.

I demonstrate the working module finally.


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