Forecast in the QAD EA system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

To solve each functions of the production management is essential to determine the expected amount of demand of the manufactured products or services.

My thesis is divided into two part. In the first part I present the standard Forecast Module of the QAD EA, the forcast methods and its database's structure. dul for a Model Company. I start this section with describing the specification in wich i summarize what kind of demands were formulated by the Model Company, and what kind of funcitonal components is needed to use the modul. After the specification I explain why could not use the standard functions and tables of the QAD, why had to create new tables and work with them. I had planned and create such a process/method with wich i can transport the Model Company's sales shipment history data and basic data to the QAD EA system. I enable the data maintaining to the users and different fuctions to create new sales promotion.

The finished program was tested wtih multiple test cases that I have illustrated at the end of the thesis. My work result is a program called „forecast maintenance” by Model Company they use it in a production system.


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