Simulation of the aging of power distribution assets

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The power distribution system had undergone many changes in the recent decades. Because of the changed regulatory conditions, the suppliers are modifying their operation and business politics. They are looking for different options to reduce their expenditure and to comply with the regulatory expectations. One of the results of this transformation is the emergence of asset management as a separate discipline.

The operation costs and reliability of the power system are given by the properties (type, age, condition etc.) of the equipment used. Due to aging, the condition of the equipment is deteriorating. In the electricity system of most of the countries major part of the devices are reaching their life expectancy. Therefore it is important to replace them at the right time, meanwhile we have to be careful not to replace the devices too early. In order to find the optimal time of replacement different life cycle management methods are used.

During my project I used supplier’s data and condition evaluation method to simulate the ageing of the medium voltage power grid in MATLAB. In this work I analyse the aging of the medium voltage power grid. I give an estimation of the condition deterioration of the assets and the number of the periodic repairs with probabilistic methods. I compare the condition calculation method with other extreme cases.

The aim of the research is to establish a complex computer-aided system which is able to calculate the operation costs of the whole grid. An attempt is made to compare the proposed method with various currently used methods.


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