Analysis of the harmonic sources of distribution grids

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Kiss József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of my thesis is to introduce the new challenges of the electricity distribution network and the generated distortion on the grid caused by the consumers. Present the possibilities to reduce this effect supported with measurement data analysis and simulation.

The first part contains the necessary basic concepts of the topic and the theoretical bases of the harmonic generation and propagation on the network. I give a short summary about the problems they could cause, and mention some solutions for the reduction. Afterwards I present the standards for the grid as well as the consumers, and introduce the types of electric car chargers.

On the second part of the thesis I analyse measurement data, which was recorded during charging of different electric cars. With the help of the analysis result I create a network modell by DIgSILENT Powerfactory software where I can simulate the effects of the contemporaneaous charging. Thereafter I inspect the effects on the grid with different types of chargers separately and mixed as well. After all I compare the results with the effective standards in Hungary in addition to that I try to define the number of the chargers on the grid what approaches or exceeds these limits.


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