Investigation of connection to distribution network

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the first part of my thesis I discuss the ways in which the technical content of the grid connection agreement comes off between the EON and their clients based on the consumers’ energy demand. I provide an outline of the costs of investments, technical conditions as well as the voltage level of connection, which are all included in the agreement itself. After the client signed the contract – which determines the technical and engineering content – and paid the relating costs, the process of selecting facilities and electric appliances can be started. My thesis deals with the recommended technical content which is stated in the grid connection agreement.

In the second part of my dissertation I present the steps and aspects of choosing both low-voltage and high-voltage cables, to which the client can connect by also adjusting to the standards. Since the required 0,5 MW performance cannot be fulfilled by the transformer near the address given in the statement of claim, there might be need to build another transformer. Due to this demand, I have created a grid model for the calculation of the high-voltage cable grid, which enabled me to determine the possible placement of the new transformer station depending on the existing cable lines.

The newly created model is crucial for finding the optimal low-voltage cable, which involves the parameters of the low-voltage transformer together with the features of the loadability of the cables. The section introduces the aspects of the low-voltage planning, the applied model for the calculation, the simulation results as well as the factors which have to be considered when choosing the appropriate low-voltage cable.

In the additional part of the chapter, I aim to optimize and scan a – currently also working – low-tension low voltage cable grid with the help of the advised model. The grid was tested for overload, voltage drop and loss as well. Moreover, since I discovered an excessive voltage drop, I made a proposal for the improvement of the relevant part of the low voltage grid.

The last part of my thesis examines the planning related work through the sizing of a low and a high-voltage transformer station as well as the approval process of the plans based on my own construction plan.


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