Simulating distributed statechart systems in the Gamma framework

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Lately the use of safety-critical systems have spreaded extraordinary. The common property of these systems is that most of the times people's safety and life depend on them. As we want to avoid the possible accidents we have the oppportunity to model the system and because of this we can test our system in the early stage of the project. Furthermore with the code generation we can make the implementation easier. Based on this option the Gamma framework was made in the department, which I used for my project.

The Gamma framework is a state machine-based design tool, which can create composite system model and generate source code. Besides this with the help of code generation the tool can support the simulation of the distributed state-machine. Nevertheless at this time the simulation can't be controlled and logged, in my solution I made this more comfortable.

In my thesis I write about the parts of the Gamma tool, their functions and how to use it. To reach the controllability it is really important to know the interactions between the state-machines, because of this I examined them. After I got to know the method of handing over messages between state-machines I started to search for a way to log these messages and a way to show it in visually. I think for most of the people it is a lot easier to understand something with the help of a figure unlike reading a text about it, because of this I represent the messages in sequence diagram. Besides this I made a simple contoller for the distributed state-machines, on this, the messages are visible and it shows their impacts.

In the closing of my thesis my goal is to demonstrate the correct operation of my solution with the help of a prototype.


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