Distributed, fail-safe solutions for functional safety of manufacturing cells using PLC technology

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The safety system plays a decisive role in the modern process control systems thanks to the broad usability of guidelines and standards which became uniform and compulsory in most countries.

Through an example of a manufacturing cell of the car industry, I present in this thesis the steps leading to the reliable programming of a safety system and which rules are in effect for its overall lifetime.

First I analyzed the standards regarding the safety and their method of use, dealing with the standard IEC 13849 in details. With the help of the latter I performed a simplified risk analysis and compared it to the engineering practice. Using the result of the risk analysis I planned the configuration of the safety function

After this I chose and calibrated the hardware elements of the safety sytem. I used the Siemens Distributed Safety package to form the safety control because the program’s final structure and principle of its operation meet this way the requirements for sure.

Finally I specified a diagnostic solution for this particular system and looked for possibilities of optimization.


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