Realizing electronic elevator control with distributed intelligence based on Atmel AVR

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Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis I had to design the schematics and printed-circuit board for an electronic elevator controller, and I had to create the firmware for the planned device. The elevator board is controlling the lift main motor, door actuators and the displays mounted in the cabin and on each landing floor based on its inputs (i.e. safety signals, call buttons, level sensors, etc.).

The designed controller is operational without any additional electronic device, although it is able to work using distributed intelligence as well. Using distributed intelligence the complete control system contains a few more communication devices to minimize the necessary cabeling, hence reducing the system cost. For this purpose, there is an embedded controller to manage the signals in the cabin, and there are processor controlled boards on each floor to manage the display and call buttons. These intelligent devices communicate over RS485 serial line with the main controller.

In the project I had to plan the printed-circouit board so that it can operate as the main component of the lift control as well as intelligent cabin electronics (a device to manage all signals located in the cabin).

The first part of my thesis focuses on designing the schematics, and the printed-circuit board for this device, while its second part is about design and implementation of the firmware.


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