Distributed control on Eaton-Moeller platform

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, controlling complex systems is being practiced in separated ways. Particular subsystems of the whole process are controlled by different units, and by synchronizing them, we can ensure that the global system is operating properly. In most cases, besides these control systems, some kind of operator interface is also present, with which one is able to track the sequential steps of functioning, and also to adjust the parameters of manufacturing.

My thesis presents the controlling of a 3D-manipulator manufacturing cell alongside with a production line realized with the Eaton-Moeller methods. There is a detailed description of the technology and the hardware and software units I used.

The control system is running on two PLCs, one responsible for controlling the production line, and one for the manipulator itself. The finished software is built modularly, of which each has a detailed description about the function it realizes and the Modbus TCP based communication network between them.

The global system uses common web technologies to operate the user interface, served by that particular PLC responsible for controlling the production line. My thesis also describes the structure these panels, and how they are operating.


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