The examination and coordination of distributed environment with server side components

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays it has became quite important the reduction of computational time in systems which solving complex tasks or running algorithms. Instead of centralised, single-host architecture systems that earlier provided a sufficient solution for this problem, in our days it has become necessary to use distributed systems in terms of performance and load balancing . However, the multi-host environment raises a number of new problems , such as communication between the components , and coordinating the incoming tasks.

In my thesis I describe the building of a server-side environment that is functional in a distributed environment too. The interaction with devices and coordination of algorithms that involved in the system, performs a Node.JS -based server , which stores data in a MySQL database in the background. With the Servlet technology which used in the Java EE platform I made an administration interface where I show information from the database about the devices and algorithms in the system. Furthermore, I’m illustrating graphs and metrics for the analysis of the various algorithms. I am demonstrating the completed application environment with an example aimed at collecting data on mobile devices. In my thesis I detail the used techniques and I provide insight into the entire development process, and present the further development opportunities.

The use of the implemented architecture give solution for running distributed algorithms with participation of mobile nodes, and provide middleware layer to a distributed data collector and processor environment. The monitoring function helps to keep track of events in the system and the environment become analyzable by the corresponding charts.


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