Analytical evaluation of distributed mobility management schemes

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

As the number of mobile devices that are capable of internet connection are increasing, there is a need for methods that can solve the scalability issues of today's network.

The goal of this thesis is to analyze partially and fully distributed mobility management protocols and methods using Software Defined Networking (SDN), compare their performances with the centralized methods that are used today (GTP, Mobile IP). The analysis is done using a mathematical model.

The thesis starts with an overview of the protocols that will be analyzed and compared. The main aspects of this overview are architecture and signaling of the given methods. Considering these aspects, a generic mathematical model is constructed, with the goal of analysing the methods in a common environment. The location update times, the messaging costs, and the scalability of the given protocols are analysed, and the results are evaluated. The analysis is done using MATLAB.

The methods that are analysed in this thesis are: Traditional Mobile IPv6, Mobile IPv6 RO, Mobile IPv6 ERO, Corresponding Network Homing, PMIPv6, D-PMIPv6, UFA-PMIP, UFA-HIP, OpenFlow.


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