Design and implementation of an Erlang/OTP based distributed monitoring system

OData support
Dr. Rétvári Gábor Ferenc
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Monitoring of computer networks has always been an important task for their

reliable operation. It is essential that a system gives an immediate feedback

in case of some anomaly or unusual load.

Many protocols and software

solutions exist that are trying to target this problem.

These include RMON and NetFlow protocols, which themselves

do not deal with the display of statistics. This study presents a

complete monitoring system with a graphical user interface, and describes

the design, implementation and usage of this software. This solution is

outstanding in many aspects.

The client- and server-side of the application are written

entirely in the Erlang language, which

environment supports the management of distributed systems surpassingly

thanks to the Open Telecom Platform.

The nodes of the network communicate with the data aggregation system

using event-driven paradigm, in contrast with the common poll-based systems.

The incoming data is stored in an Erlang ETS-based round-robin

database. The insertion, deletion and retrieval of data is very efficient in

this kind of database.

In addition, an HTML5-based user

interface is served, where the network nodes and their different

resources can be observed continually.

The user interface and the server

communicate via WebSocket, using a simple subscription-based

programming interface.

One of the great advantage of this web-based interface is that

the client can be used with any browser.

The implemented system was tested in a small home network in reliabilty and

performance aspects.


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