Distributed Viewpoint Generation in Free Viewpoint Television (FTV) Systems

OData support
Dr. Huszák Árpád
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The 3D multimedia will appear many new areas in the future. The FTV (Free Viewpoint Television) is an interactive multimedia service, which gist, that the user changes his/her viewpoint arbitrarily real-time or offline. The terms of the free viewpoint changing is that we record the event or subject with several cameras from several angles then we produce optional virtual view by means of software. All of these scopes have requirements, which ones have to take in account.

In my thesis I designed a simulation software, which helps to optimize a Free Viewpoint Television/Video distributed network, so that whole traffic in the network will be minimize. In this test environment we can be get the network’s devices with its properties. The software examines the network with Brute Force method and gives the best arrangement if it is exist or inform us about the errors if it there is no a correct realization.

I made some different measurements with the developed simulation tool, where the network properties and the topologies were different. I investigated six main areas in order to measure the network’s full bandwidth with different network setups. At the end of the measurements I summarized the differences and I gave some suggestions about various executions.

The software and its measurements help to make optimized networks that is very substantial in the Free Viewpoint Video new technology’s physical representations.


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