Development of a distributed position-sharing application for Android platform

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In today's world mobile phones are becoming more and more popular with the rapid development of their technology. The hardware performance of smartphones is now comparable with notebooks and in terms of functions and services they might even exceed the latter. With their relatively small size and easy portability, users can take their phones with them anywhere they go. Thanks to these capabilities, smartphones are becoming more important in many areas of our everyday life. One of these areas is location determination and navigation.

Since nowadays even the older and also the youngest generations are using modern mobile phones, these devices provide a good opportunity to monitor the movement and activities of our beloved or friends without them feeling being watched and uncomfortable, and without the need of buying special equipment for this task. A further advantage of an observer application is that users can configure and use it in a system they are already familiar with.

The purpose of this thesis was to explore the opportunities of location determination on Android platform and demonstrate them with a distributed mobile application, which allows users to monitor each other's activities and keep track of their current location.

The distributed application includes two main components, the first is the Android application that runs continuously in the background and monitors the user’s activity and location. It can show the status of other devices in the form of a map view. The other component is a server application, which is responsible for the communication between the devices and maintains the current location of the clients in a persistent storage.


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