Discovery and visualization of distributed system topology

OData support
Dr. Gajdos Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Developers face with a lot of emerging problems in distributed systems which are difficult to solve. My duty to visualize one or more components changing in a distributed system in an easily comprehensible way for users and developers.

My thesis starts with an Introduction chapter where I show the most important functions and mechanism of the ZooKeeper through distributed systems. In the Introducing the scenario chapter I introduce every component of the banking scenario. This scenario will help me to illustrate the operation of my topology discovery application.

In the third Topology discovery and visualization chapter I show the way how I get to the final solution plan, then I expound the planning and implementation of the visualization software. Thereafter I demonstrate the output formats and the date filter function with the previously presented distributed Java application. The application will capable indicate easily and fast the changings in a system, which changes could be losing or appearing a component in the topology. The program will be able to provides results in real-time, which makes the program applicable in a real-life system too. Finally, in the Evaluation chapter I summarize the implemented functions and I give some examples for improvements, which would make the program more general and widespread using.


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