Design of a distributed RFID card reader network

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Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis focuses on designing a sub-unit of a distributed system RFID card reader network and creating a network operating software. The dissertation describes the process of system design, the development of hardware and software modules.

The first chapter presents the types of RFID cards and the physical operation method of card reading. Recommended designs for RFID antennas for PCBs are described.

The second chapter draws up the requirements that give the frame of work for the network and the software operating it, and designing the sub-unit. The card reading system and the scheme plan of sub-units are also presented here.

The third chapter describes the designing steps of the circuit, the main steps related to engineering the modules of the sub-unit. The circuit is being designed and then I describe the elements of the finished PCB design.

The fourth chapter presents the sample of the completed sub-unit and the structure of the software that operates it.

The fifth chapter contains the module user documentation. It presents the interfaces and formulates the operational states.

In the sixth chapter presents the structure of communication protocol required for central control.

The seventh chapter describes the controlling system for the modules.

In the eighth chapter, the MODBUS network and the associated memory structure of the sub-units are tested..


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