Desing of central heating system control based on distributed sensor network

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Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

A great portion of the non-industrial energy consumption is generated by heating systems. Nevertheless, outdated devices or district heating are used in many buildings and households. The outdated devices are not properly controlled, the thermometers of the thermostats are placed often in wrong places (eg. in the front room, but we need to keep the set temperature in the living room), and therefore the system is not efficient. Nowadays due to the evolution of semiconductor manufacturing, digital sensors and microcontrollers (which can be used as a central unit of an embedded system) are less expensive.

My task was to study an already installed measurement and intervening system. This system is placed in a building, where the heating was provided by district heating, but because of the high costs the heating system have been disconnected from it. The measurement and intervening system includes internal and external thermometers, and relays controlling the furnaces, electrical valves. After the cognition of the measurement system my task was to design a graphical user interface, where the user can monitor the measurement values on the graphical interface of the building. The user can change the position of the valves manually with the application for the testing of the interferers.

The second part of the task was designing a controlling system, which considers the features of the building, and can handle the priority between the furnaces (electrical, gas). Before the installation I tested the control system with the simulation of a small model.


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