Distributed path planning for industrial automated guided vehicles

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This document is about process automation. Production automation nowadays is related to

Automated Guided Vehicles (AVG). Former solutions applied fixed track solutions, which

provides cheap, centralized control, but human assistance is required, because this solution

cannot handle any anomaly. The other drawback of this solution is that any modification

of the system is expensive. The application of Automated Guided Vehicles (AVG)

in the production process, might eliminate the problems mentioned above. These Vehicles

can accommodate to the changing circumstances, even during a process modification.

Nevertheless, these Vehicles bring some new problems like source management or task management,

because these processes do not take place in system design unlike in case of fixed

track solutions. Avoiding collisions and controlling the Automated Guided Vehicles have

similar problems. MTA SZTAKI pays attention to these problems in its “Ipar 4.0” project.

This work is created during the related works of this project. This document focuses on

the problem of route planning. The topic of uptime of the AVGs is excluded, the main

topic is the route planning and collision avoiding. The main goal of my work is studying

available solutions, and specifying a new direction for further works for the solution of the

automating problems described above.


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