Development of overtake detection algorithm for driver assistant systems of commercial vehicles

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The next level of active safety systems in the commercial vehicle industry is the usage of advanced emergency braking systems avoiding rear-end collisions. These driver assistance systems use the vehicle's front-end radar's and camera's signals to process the relevant features of the traffic situations in front of the vehicle. The basis of acceptance of these emergency braking systems is that in normal traffic situations it should not distract the driver with an alarm or intervention.

In the thesis, I present the development of an overtaking detection algorithm. During an overtake the forward vehicle's speed- and distance measures could alone make an intervention justified but the driver terminates the dangerous situation by an evasing manoeuvre. During the design phase of the algorithm I chose the overtaking-relevant signals of the vehicle by analyzing recorded overtake situations.

During development the algorithm was tested and tuned on public road measurement data. The final version of the algorithm was also run against test track measurements in order to avoid false detections in rear-end collision situations where the advanced emergency braking system must intervene. This criterion is inevitable in the development of such a safety function due to the legal and customer requirements the system should fulfill.

At the end fo this thesis, I present some future developing possibilities which can improve the efficiency of the algorithm.


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