Process technology and multi-domain characterization of embedded channel structures in boards.

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Dr. Bognár György
Department of Electron Devices

In the past years there has been a growing demand for new and more power saving cooling solutions. Especially by cases where traditional cooling techniques offer only limited opportunities for the protection against the overheating of circuit substrates. Such cases include racks in telecommunication and data centers, by which the phenomenon of covering is a serious problem that is when a larger object on the substrate covers the circuit located behind it from the cooling stream. This fact led to the idea of creating a buried channel system inside the circuit substrate and circulating the cooling agent. Through this method we could cool the substrate and transport the agent to the part to be cooled. The goal of my thesis is to create the technology of a set of steps by which it becomes possible to create the channel system inside the substrate in a way that it is compatible with the traditional printed circuit technology. In order to get information about the current operation of cooling systems in different data centers and to get updated about the published structures of cooling systems based on microscale channel systems in SoP systems I started my research with thorough literary analysis. After this a possible set of steps has been created, which enables the creation of the buried channel system inside the substrate. In the thesis I introduce all the necessary parameters needed for the process, such as the parameters of epoxy allocation, the required surface treatment and the method of the physical creation of the channel. Finally, alongside with the characterizing measurement a test circuit has been made, by which the efficiency of the established cooling technology became quantified.


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