Integrating HTML5 Output Support for E-magazine Framework

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, newspapers and magazines, which are presented in an online, digital format, are getting more and more widespread. These e-magazines are rendering traditional printed publications obsolete, and it is common that older publishers are making a switch to the new electronic format. The spread of smartphones and other mobile devices present a new problem for developers to solve, namely that users are accessing the aforementioned online contents from various platforms and screen sizes. This means, that unlike 5-10 years ago, when it was enough to maintain a website, now, dedicated applications, which satisfy the requirements of different devices, are necessary.

RWD, standing for Responsive Web Design, is relatively new paradigm, which aims at providing a bridge between the numerous display sizes, and solve the problem of platform dependency. By utilizing web development technologies, platform independence is achieved, and screen sizes are handled by dynamically adaptive layout structures.

During my work I applied such techniques, when I created solutions to transfer articles into web format from and application called My History Digest, which is developed by BME-AutSoft Kft. Firstly, I designed a possible structure for the presentation of the article, using web technologies, then I modified the editor of the magazine application, so that it could create such a format. In my thesis I present the technologies I used, then I explain the choices I made and my implementation, and finally I draw the consequences.


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