Developing of an Emagazin editor application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, beyond the paper-based magazines, the digital magazines are too getting really popular. Thanks to the evolution of the technology and the improvements of the mobile equipments they contain a lots of new opportunities like interactive contents and the ability of fast design.

The spread of the information technology in this business is also very significant. More and more softwares are appearing to help designers job. Because of these reasons in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Automation and Applied Informatics Faculty is too developing a software and that’s why I joined into this process.

In my work I extended this project with three new functions. A simple one, like drawing lines, which can be used in a lot of different manners. As well as the ability of the dynamic content implementation and visibility that is going to be the minimum expectation of digital magazines in these days. The third new feature I implemented was a template based article generation, that gives new possibilities to the designers and makes their work faster and easier, while letting them to achieve a common look and feel.

I kindly hope that my work will give the designers the ability to work easier and with less downtime, and also helping them focusing on the creative jobs while taking some of the burden of the process, so they can create more content and more striking and featureful magazines in less time.


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