Human resource planning supported by computer application, as engineering problem solving

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Dr. Farkas László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, depending on the size of the company, almost every organization uses an ERP system. A few years ago the existence of such a resource planning systems provided market advantage over the competitors, because of the services they provided to the users, but today it's not enough. Integrated complex systems can be increased the efficiency further of enterprise management systems, but now the real competition against fellow certified advantage is the existence within the system task-specific target application. Such a target application is like the resource management solution – workforce management, which justifies the validity of a number of factors, such as the maximum utilization, customer and employee satisfaction, fast response time, which at the end result of profit increase.

For those companies, who are providing services, one of the most influential factor is the resources. In most cases, the human resources is that at this time all of people think about, and the existence and maintenance of this kind of resource is the most important, but it should not be forgot the other kind of resources, such as raw materials and device-based resources. Organizing, managing and planning of these major resources are for which the resource management works.

In my thesis, two applications, which are supporting resource management processes, will be introduced. The first one is the SAP Multi Resource Scheduling application, which is an SAP add-on for SAP ERP system, and it is implemented and customized for a utility company, and the second one is an own developed application also for SAP system, I had developed for a consulting company. This application called RMS (Resource Management System - Resource Management System). I am going to give a detailed introduction from these applications, from the process as the implementation of the system occurred, from what kind of objects are those that applications work with, what other applications with which they collaborate, and at the end how these could be developed in further direction.

In the first part of the thesis I show the background knowledge, which needed to achieve the goal - resource management system implementation to a company - this followed by tools, technologies, and problems encountered during the development process , and their implementation. Finally the live run applications to the work are presented. I would like to give a coherent picture of resource planning in a special area that is the workforce management, which directly addresses the resources. The results provided by these two applications to be presented are those that are aware of the specific resource planning more safely done in the case of the flagship companies. Although the two companies’ operations, processes and their implemented, customized applications are different, I would like to present how to apply the variations in spite of the key objects, which processes independently of each other mapping between the two applications, and I would like to outline the opportunities that lead to further increase the efficiency of these applications.


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