Development of sensor for detection of human presence

OData support
Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The application of human presence detection has a wide area of possibilities. In my thesis, I am going to present the development of a sensor for an energy management system of GE Hungary Kft. that is capable of counting human presence. Introducing the main steps of the development, starting with the selection of the right sensor and ending with the implementation in embedded enviroment.

The goal is the creation of a cost efficent sensor that can state the estimated number of people in the investigated area. Similarly to the other sensors of the energy management system, the device provide data for a data reciever device, using MODBUS as communication protocol. Beside the embedded system, the developed algorithm for data processing is available on PC in .NET enviroment.

In order to see the image of the sensor visually, there is a graphical user interface in C#, that supports the embedded software development. The calibrating of the algorithm parameters was done by using the results of the tests executed on PC.

Altough, the created device has low quality resolution, it can perform with high presicion in the investigated area. For the future, the main goal is to increase the dynamic range of the sensor and implement functions to create a cooperative sensor network.


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