Parallel operation of lifting equipments and its safety aspects

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Janka Sándor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of the thesis is to present the lifting equipment, the standards and regulations of it and its operation. Describes the communication between the crane equipments, and the parallel operation. A special way of parallel operation, the tandem is discussed in detail. The construction is documented with traditional magnetic switches and with modern PLCs.

At the beginning of the dissertation the concept of the lifting equipment is presented from ministeriel decree, then the main components of the cranes, and electrical equipments.

The third part is about regulations. The rules to follow about the crane life-cycle are found here.

The fourth chapter of the dissertation discusses the parallel operation and types of communication. It explicates the necessity and basic conditions of the parallel plant.

The fifth part demonstrates and documents a single girder, two hoists tandem-operated crane, as well as the contruction of it. Communication is perfomed through wire rope hoists between the lifting devices, but their operation differs. Firstly, a conventional magnetic contact switch-relay operation is demonstrated, which is followed by a PLC controlled solution.

Finally, the contactors and PLC devioces are compared from technical point of view.


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