Programming and interfacing an industrial elevator in automotive manufacturing environment

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

High level of automation and PLC control are peculiar to automotive production lines. Taking advantage of these features and in the order of efficiency, the production may not stop for a longer period of time and safety of operations has to be provided. Elevating machines are the central elements of a car industrial production line in building and they are the links between the different units, systems. More elevating machines are built in a complex system, therefore prototyping and easy implementation are they keys of quick installation and safe operations.

In the first part of the thesis the characteristic of car industrial environment is introduced. In the second step, I describe the PLC used to accomplish the task, and specify in details the important features of the developer environment in regard of the task to be done. Then I present the strict ruleset of the concern related to the production lines.

After that, I design the algorithm of the elevating machine’s control and specify the connection between the elevator and the bordering control elements. I give instructions to implementation, addressing differences between the elevator types. Finally, I explain the testing of the written algorithm, and evaluate the results.


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