Developing communication objects of emission data acquisition system

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The amount and concentration of pollution, emitted by facilities with a capacity over a defined limit, has to be measured with accredited data acquisition systems which are specialised to the specific area and material. Emission is measured and calculated in compliance with actual law and environment protection regulations. Gamma Digital Ltd. has created a data acquisition system which meet the defined criteria and it can be adapted to unique requirements.

My diploma work is about creating certain communication parts of the system’s program code, which I was responsible for during the project. The data acquisition system communicates with certain blocks of the power plant using Modbus TCP/IP standard and for other blocks Advantech’s ADAM-4000 data collector modules are used. Therefore communication devices had to be created for a Modbus TCP client-server relation and the ADAM modules. These communication devices had to fit to the existing software system and they also had to meet certain criteria. Detailed testing was necessary for created the communication objects. Testing was performed using test programs and other simulator applications. Afterwards the devices were added to the full software and then they were tested real time during the setup of the Újpest and Kispest power plants’ emission acquistion systems. The devices were developed in Delphi language using Embarcadero Rad Studio XE2 developer tool.


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