Creating an energy referent report for a large corporation in respect of its electric energy usage

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Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The main object of this study was to place the necessity of energy evaluation activity in the international and national regulation environment, considering the energy efficiency-targets. Furthermore, it was also an aim to review the tasks and the tools of an energy evaluation trough practical examples.

As part of the review of the literature, the regulations, which were specified in order to ensure the energy supply and usage, were introduced. In addition, the requirements and the tasks of energy auditor were also defined which were prescribed in the international and national regulation. In connection with this issue, I specified the arrangements and the practical solutions to increase the efficiency of the energy consumption.

Operating and development methods, connected to the energy auditor’s task, were examined through a real life example of a corporation. As part of these methods a simulation was run where the user’s optimal base/peak energy consumption was determined by the corporation’s consumption data. Another simulation was run where optimal bounded power was also determined. At the end of this study, considering the consuming specificity of the given corporation, the results of the simulations and also the energy efficiency methods mentioned in the literature, the electronic and consumption attributions of the given corporation were characterized. Finally, development recommendations were made in order to improve the operating procedures regarding energy efficiency.


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