Energy based sway reduction for cranes using input signal parameterization

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The most varieties of cranes are being used for load carrying in a lot of fields of industry. The swing reduction for the load is handled manually by the controlling staff. Because of the fast advancement of technology the need for an automated algorithm has arrived. I would like to present a solution for this requirement.

For the realization of my task I’ve been working on a crane modell that can be found in the Intelligent Robotics laboratory of the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology. This mock-up represents a two dimensional overhead crane. The algorithm was implemented in Matlab Simulink environment.

The difficulty of the task was that the only input for the control is the rope’s angular velocity provided by slot sensors, only in the vertical position of the rope. For verification of the algorithm an encoder can be used.

The implementation contains a control system that can start the algorith with pressing a button. To be able to move the crane, a Deadman button has to be pressed.


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