Energy management system analysis

OData support
Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, energy management is becoming increasingly important. Most companies aim to optimize energy consumption, and to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gases. The companies build energy management system in order to implement energy policy goals and to monitor their energy consumption.System requirements and application methods are as per ISO50001.

In my thesis, I present the SCADA / EMS system – the general structure and the functions –, the concept of energy management and the AVReporter energy and information management software, which provides an appropriate and easy-to-use solution for achieving the goals mentioned above.

After describing the basic concepts, I present the construction of an energy monitoring system created in a real industrial environment and I made proposal for the further development possibility. My thesis aims to make the reader who is not familiar with engineering understand the essence of sustainable energy management and to prompt the reader to act upon it.


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