Energy management in small office buildings

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In today’s world energy management issues are becoming more and more important. The majority of the companies choose to increase their energy efficiency by installing new power saver equipments or optimising the currently used apparatus. Furthermore the energy purchasing method is carried by a specific person to reach the lowest cost possible. Usually they build an energy management system to provide continuous feedback on the use of energy.

In my thesis I introduce in detail the energy management of a small office building. I show the optimisation of the equipments and processes, the purchasing method of the required energy sources starting with the calculation of the energy needed. I present the energy management system (EMS) of the office, which is currently under construction, its topology, measury instruments and sensors and at last but not least its power management softver. Finally I made some suggestions on the relevant renewable energy sources that are possible to be used in this building.


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