An energy efficient base station management algorithm for mobile cellular networks

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Dr. Simon Vilmos
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The increasing number of mobile broadband devices and high user mobility leads to heavily loaded mobile cellular networks. To prepare the networks for the surging traffic demand and users high QoS expectations, operators need to further densify their existing mobile broadband networks. The growing number of network equipment is causing a massive energy consumption. In addition, during the night hours,and in the business centers during the whole weekend too, the base stations are under light traffic, but the used energy is unproportionally large. I am introducing a base station management algorithm which allows the network topology to continuously adapt to the changing traffic demands, with power off the unnecessary base stations. The existing similar algorithms have several drawbacks, therefore they are not effective in future cellular networks. My solution turn off the base stations dinamically, works in future heterogeneous networks and achieves a 20% reduction in energy consumption..


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