Analyzing energy-efficiency methods in mobile environment

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Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the last few year we saw the revolution of mobile devices, and this is most likely just the begining. In these days smartphones are an essential part of our lives. They help us in our jobs, sport activity, we can get our daily news fix on them not to mention entertainment. That’s why battery life is so important. It does metter how often do we have to charge these devices.

The hardware of a modern smartphone is just as strong as a computer a few years back, but the battery is a bottle neck if the user wants to utilize the performance. As the performance grows new functions apear and developers can create new services, applications which could give a better user experience. These days mobile developers have to think not only about the funcionality but the enegry drain of their application.

In this thesis I am going to introduce how it is possible to measure the energy consumption of smartphones with different operating systems. I am going to present the related works, and the results and experiences of other research groups. After I examined what has been done I’m going to introduce the wireless technologies used by the mobile phones. After the brief introduction of the technologies I will describe a method, called „computation offloading” which reduces the energy usage of a phone by delegating some processes normally executed on the device to a remote server. After the „computation offloading” I am going to present the results of my measurements. The measurements show how much energy the different wireless mobile technologies use. At the end of the thesis I am going to introduce a way to apply these measurements to optimize the „computation offloading” method.


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