Energy Saving Potential at Large Industrial and Commercial Consumers

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Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Energy efficiency has a very important role at industrial establishments and corporations because of the fierce competition and the diminishing energy sources. Significant cost reductions can be achieved by increasing energy efficiency, which has not been properly realised yet by all companies, in spite of the fact that economical management of the necessary energy sources is indispensable for long-term profitability and sustainable development of the companies. However, more and more companies recognise the significance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), in which energy efficiency is a basic aspect.

In addition to reducing costs, energy efficiency also has a beneficial impact on the environment by easing the burden on the environment through lower amounts of energy utilisation. This is why energy efficiency – combined with good corporate communication – may improve the image of the company, which has a beneficial impact on the revenues.

In my thesis, I will assess the possible ways of reducing energy costs. I will examine how much saving can be achieved by – among others – utilising solar power, power factor correction, modernising lighting, installing twilight switches, optimising compressed air systems and by modifying contracts with power suppliers.

I will introduce a company that produces equipment for power distribution. I will examine the solutions that have been applied for increasing energy efficiency and – through analyses of the data – calculate their impact on the costs and the amount of savings. I will provide the theoretical background to all accomplished solutions and also the ideas that have not been realised yet. Having performed the viability assessments and the calculations of yield, I will make recommendations on implementation of the solutions for reducing energy consumption.

The company provided me with the necessary data, contracts and invoices and all the calculations have been made by making use of these data and the discussions with employees of the company. My thesis will show that by being more considerate, energy efficiency can be easily improved in some steps, which is in the interest of the company, nature and all of us.


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