Energy management in education

OData support
Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The concern about worldwide energy consumption is continuously growing. The main reasons for using alternative energy resources in least developed countries is the lack of energy and poor energy quality. While for developed countries the reasons are environmental factors and energy costs. Due to these causes more and more multinational company, firm and factory started to install energy management systems.

First the installed systems can collect data about basic energy usage, but further on there are opportunities to get detailed information about energy consumption during operation. The requirements for energy management systems are getting more diverse, as the users are able to use the gained experience of measurements, and configure their demands for the best applications to be installed.

The Department of Electric Power Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics would like to keep up with the growing energy management needs. The university grants the opportunity to learn technologies related to energy management. To evolve system-wide engineer knowledge it is essential for the students to get the theoretical basics and functions of hardware and software elements. With these systems they can get familiar with the possibilities of energy usage optimization. With the help of industrial support we are creating an energy management laboratory which is based on an already existing system.

In my thesis I present the general goals of energy management systems and the available devices. Then I describe the steps of design and construction. Furthermore my task also includes the integration of the created system into education. I describe the tasks from the view of students and teachers too.


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