The usage of energy management in building electricity

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis is about the energy management. I present the use of its importance, and I review the latest international standard, which apply to building energy management systems. The Hungarian Standards Institution in 2012, in Hungary has also introduced.

The conscious and controlled use of energy is closely related to 2012. From 1 January required Energy Performance Certificate, for which I present the process work, and the contents of the certificate in Hungary.

My thesis presents the importance of the use of energy management systems, and the general structure. After that I present in detail of the structure and functions of the PLS wall of the Department of Electric Power Engineering. Finally, I review my designed energy management system, which provides information to the electrical properties of building V1, and High Voltage Laboratory, and the water and gas consumption too. I present the selected devices, the communication setup, and the monitoring software, in which can create on-demand alarm message.


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