Development of Energy Management Panel

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Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays it's impossible to solve energy management of buildings without energy management systems. That's why electric engineer students necessary to meet and study the properties of energy management systems. In my BSc thesis I dealt with energy management, it within the PowerLogic System. I studied the main devices of PowerLogic System from catalog. I looked after how such a system can be built and how it works. The devices can communicate through RS485 and RS232 ports, too. After these I studied and tested the parameters of the PowerLogic System Teaching Board can be found on the Department of Electric Power Engineering. I realised the improvements of the Department’s Energy Management Teaching Board according to Mark Tirjak’s BSc thesis. I have made and redesigned the controlling software and the background of the human control interface. I have made test measurements to examine, the applicability of my calculation and design. The measurements have shown what needs to change in my plans.


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