Improvment of Energy Management Panel

OData support
Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis shows an image of the energy management systems. The basic ideas, methods and outcomes of the management systems are also included. The thesis introduces the using of a complex power management hardware-software package. It discusses the main goals of the PowerLogic System by Schneider Electric. It details the PLS system of the BME’s Electric Power Engineering Department, including the measuring methods of our learning process.

This thesis presents some extra measurements to highlight the main goals of the energy management systems. One of these measurements shows an example to decrease the energy costs through the special forms of electricity supply. This measurement uses a sample electric network with the charges of Elmő Nyrt.

The thesis details an improvement of an existing measurement. It finds out the possibilities and the advantages of the change in our passive system to achieve the power factor correction. There is a discussion of the prospect of building a compact fluorescent lamp in. It is a special consumer with some special characteristics, and the students can study it.


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