Development of energy management demonstration board

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays it is more and more important issue to increase energy efficiency. In many areas you can spare with the energy and the energy costs too. Those systems that developed for these purposes have to make influence on the energy consumption. The system also has to make it simple and easy to understand view of the changes that make about energy efficiency.

In my thesis I introduce in detail why it is essential to try to decrease the energy consumption. I show who energy management system installation can help these aims. I write about the Schneider Electric Power Logic system and the typically used components and equipment (power meter, circuit monitor, protection relay and monitoring software). Then I present many functions used in the demonstration board of the university.

My role is to design a new demonstration board which is useful in education. I also write about ideas that will help make the board’s functions better in the future. The functions are shown through the steps of the designing process. I expanded controlling capacity and I get acquainted with a new energy management system, called AVReporter. There are the biggest changes that I made beside many little steps while designing.

I acquired this knowledge about energy management during „Project Laboratory” and „Internship”.


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