Development of energy management system with PLC

OData support
Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my studies we have learnt a lot about the generation and the consumption of energy. One of the most important aspect of this is to know what affect they have on eachother. The final goal is minimize the consumption of energy to the level that, though still satisfy the needs. The wasting of energy is such a behavior that can no longer be tolareted in order to stay competitive on the field.

This is the part where the energy management systems come in. They collect, process, evaluate and store data. If needed or possible they can even intervene into the industry processes automatic, thus to lower the costs and encourage businesses to be more conscious about how they use up energy.

In my thesis i would like to design a system that can detect the amount of reactive power the user takes up and to be able to compensate it automatically even on partial load. My task is to design a capacitor that is split up into smaller pieces that are controllable so i can switch on just the right amount of it. The collection and processing of data will be done by a PLC, of course, so my idea could easily be adapted by an already built energy management system.

My goal is to design such a capacitor and examine it from feasibility and return criterions.


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