Energy storage opportunities in the liberalized electricity market

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The electric power system is moving into a new stage of development as a result of digital assets and renewable energy sources. By the use of cheap infocommunication tools, not only the control of the electric power system is economical but the distributed networks as well. Nowadays, the energy efficient and economical management of smaller networks can be accomplished according to the Micro-grid approach, where the management of production and consumption is complemented by energy storage solutions.

The use of electricity plays a key role in an increasing number of areas in real life, thus, it is extremely important to ensure continuous supply, which can be conducted by different levels of energy storage. The demand for continuous supply triggered the expansion of energy storage solutions consequently the field of research and development of energy storage technologies based on various technical solutions has been experimented in greater dynamics in recent years. There are various ways to use energy storage units. These days, the most prominent storage method is the battery technology based on electrochemical processes.

The concept of energy storage has been known in the field of energetics for a couple of decades, but the presence of energy of new technologies makes the usage cheaper and widely usable. On different levels of the electricity grid, there are various advantages for the operator of the system. In break-even calculations, only the difficultly quantifiable benefits can be counted against the apparently high expenditures. Therefore, in addition to the purely business considerations, other important points of views should be taken into account in the use of an energy storage.

The possible necessity to use an energy storage device in a given part of the network should be preliminarily simulated in order to see what kind of advantages it may have. To successfully conduct a simulation, the load conditions of the network and the expected future vision have to be known to properly design the built-up energy storage. In my dissertation, the simulation of a built-up energy storage is discussed in detail.


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