Utilisation of energy storage in city tram transportation

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In today's society the environment frendly solutions aare becoming mandatory, reducing the environment pollution. In case of tram the wire system is making the cityscape unpleasant, also makes noise pollution. With the use of electric energy containers, environment friendly transporting system can be created. Nowadays there are vehicles, that are provided with energy containers, reducing the environment pollution. The theme of my thesis is to describe the possibilities of energy containing in public transport. There are more possible ways for energy containing, for example the every day usage of battery. The solution for energy containing in electric tram is to feed back the braking energy in 50 Hz, batteries and using supercapacity. In my thesis I describe these containing solutions. I present the way of the elecrticity begining at the inverters, going through the tram itself, then back to the supply line.

The main theme is to present the ammount of energy, that can be fed back by braking on an actual tram line in Budapest. My choice is tram 3, because it has a long line, and there are more tram lines crossing this in longer or shorter section. It was very important to choose a line that has trams capable of energy feedback, so i can give an estimation of the energy that can be fed back.

For the modelling of traffic lines I use MATLAB. The descripption of the upgraded code is further below.


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