The control of heating and passive cooling from a house with Loxone system

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowdays environmental protecion is becoming more and more important, therefor is the energy conscious lifestyle and the role of it in our residential buildings. To accomplish these guidlines, and in the means of sustainability it is essential to use all of the scientific and technological advances in our lives, thus creating a complex, sustainable and long-lasting community.

This thesis’ purpose is to program a technical building control system’s and to plan the control panel’s box. The program had been created on the basis of an existing buulding system’s specification. The system is able to provide the bulding’s heating, and the passive cooling in so far as all the neccessary units are built in. The goal was to creat a finished product, which is easly adapted to an already existing bulding system, therefor making costs more calculable and decreasing the possibility of errors.

The system was created with the Loxone smart home automatation system, which is simple in the means of programming. Also regarding fitting and implementation it is compatible with most of the tools. During the planning the control panel’s box it had been essential that the system is clear, logical, and in case of an error the components are easly replaceable. Therefor only standard elements were used.

Finally, to create a quality system, it is significant to be able to extend it. Thus, the product is compatible with the developments and the newest trends.


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