Development of a Cloud Based Service for Managing Operations of Building Maintenance Processes

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Lately the management of small and middle sized businesses are laying on old and often overcomplicated programs. If you want to use a software, that is good at your company for this purpose, you simply can not find or can not afford it. The result of this is you ending up with a poorly optimized solution. The common problem of these systems is that they target an overly large customer set, hence making them harder to use even for the easy tasks. This is also the case for the services used for the topic of this writing, building maintenance process management.

The topic of the thesis comes from an acquaintance leading a small company in the maintenance business and I hope to help him a lot. Installing the solution to the cloud nowadays is a good opportunity to provide a stable service without managing physical servers. At the beginning of this thesis I present the currently used and other major solutions that can be used in Field Service Management. After that I compare different well known cloud providers based on price, performance and usability. In the main part of the thesis I take Odoo, an open-source, modular Customer Relationship Management software, as a base and I implement different addons, and also an Android application for future planning purposes. With the finished addons I install the whole service to Amazon Web Services cloud in a Docker cluster. This ways it is made simple to scale to more customers.

Finally I summarize my results and experiences regarding this topic then I make some assumptions on possible future changes in this market.


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