Smart building

OData support
Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

In my Thesis I have analyzed and developed energy efficient solutions for monitoring buildings. We are using more and more energy even above the warranted. As the fossil fuels are decreasing and the population with energy consumptions are growing, the costs are rapidly growing. This generation’s main task to build a sustainable world for our children. Solution could be the consumption optimization and finding out user habits to adapt those results.

In the present work I deeply examined the literature dealing with solutions for energy efficiency. The very first step is to find out the required parameters for the task. To do this I designed a wireless network based on ZigBee modules, which can be deployed anywhere freely. The printed circuit boards were made with the use of Altium Designer 2009. The system is built from several sensor modules so the user can decide which one he/she willing to use. The final devices were manufactured at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with the help of the Department of Electronics Technology.

At the final step I tested the devices for find out any errors and to tune them to the real usage. In my honest opinion this could be a good option for manufacturing, because the market does not provide devices with this low cost and easy utilization.


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