The effect of building automation and modernization on the electric consumption of a familz house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My task was the examination of the electric and thermal consumption reduction of a given family house equipped with a building automation system and modern

devices. The energy savings and returns of the two solutions were compared in my thesis, in addition to the current alternative solutions. I primarily introduce the KNX system as a main building automation standard, then analyse the factors influencing the electric and thermal energy consumption of houses. This is followed by the presentation of the chosen family home and the energy saving and building automation possibilities in it. The plans of the electric and KNX system designed by me are then introduced based on which the costs were also calculated. The standard MSZ-EN 15232:2012 is described and it is also used for calculating returns. Then I demonstrate how much electric and thermal energy can be saved by modernising the consumers and the heating system of the family house and I also calculate the return of the costs. The main question of the thesis is which solution of these two brings better results and whether it

is worth installing such an expensive system or simple, conscious purchases and modern devices can also have significant results in reducing energy consumption.


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