Building automation system design

OData support
Barta András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This thesis presents the planninng and execution of a building automation system’s framework. Currently numerous devices exist with similar profiles, but with all of them comes a development environment which can significantly reduce our potentials. Some of them are just like a Windows Wizard.

My goal is to create a base whereat later many kinds of control systems can be built on. So the common points should be found: what are the particals that can be nearly the same in these kind of tasks but that there previous execution won’t notably bound the specific development.

In the first part of the thesis I present the possible grouping of building automation tasks, then I touch upon some existing systems and analyze what new can be done in this field.

After description of the technologies used during the execution I roughly outline the system I imagined. I give more details about the particals of the softver and hardver and the relation between them.

With the help of the basic system I plan the control of a specific museum’s two rooms.

The work is done with the summary of experiences up to now and gathering the further tasks.


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