Buildings’ energy supply with renewable energy sources

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The use of renewable energy sources is widespread worldwide. The advantages of the renewable energy sources is that there is no environment pollutant effect although the investment cost is expensive.

I attend to the solar energy in my document. I go into details the renewable energy sources’s Hungarian and the European Union political background. There are two documents the “National Building Energetics Strategy” and the “Nearly Zero Energy Consume Buildings’s Demands”. I am concerned with details like the contrasting of national and native circumstances; the vision and goals of the strategics; the definition of the nearly zero energy-need and the closeness of the root.

Solar Energy: general criterions like the heliation types. Then I concerned with the character-istic of the solar collector and the solar cell. There are more points like losses, types, the primal sections of the systems. Including the solar cell, I touch the flash defences and the protective devices.

I did measurements with the solar cell system of the department. Firstly, I describe the mechanism of the department’s system, and then I evaluate the results. I compare two weeks. One summer and one winter week. The standing-points are insolation- effective power ratio, the humidity, the anemometry, temperature of the air. I did the other measurement with the shade-giving accommodation. This accommodation has 5 sort heliation filter (6,25%; 12,5%; 25%; 50%; 63%) and the 0% filter. I did 2 gaging. I measured with all filters once. Then I measured with all filters twice, I got an average result. Then I did it again. I evaluate and compare the results.

Finally, I analyse a place of business to install solar cell system. I looked at the annual consumption, I sized up the effective area to install the solar cell system, I calculated the amount of the modules, and I compared the cost and payback.


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