Indoor navigation system

OData support
Dr. Benesóczky Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The most common solution for location tasks is the usage of GPS. The technology is widely spread, it can be found in almost every smartphone. The problem with this system is that due to the shielding of buildings it cannot be used indoor. The objective of this thesis is to plan and create an indoor location system, whish is operable with a single smartphone. The system will be integrated to an indoor navigation application, so it has to be compatible with the other system. The integrated solution will be able to plan the shortest route between the actual location and a chosen destination point. During the travel it will monitor the movement of the user, and adapt the path accordingly. A destination point could be a meeting room, the location of a team, or a printer.

First I will research the available indoor positioning technologies, then I will choose one, based on the needs of the planned system. After choosing the technology I will research the algorithms which can be used with the chosen technology.

After this I will plan the system architecture of the prototype. It will include the previously mentioned navigation application, and the positioning system as well. Then comes the software plan of every iteration created during the development. Last, but not least I will present the measurements of the applications, research the possible ways to develop the system further.

The system created during this thesis is part of the Smart Office project of SAP Hungary Kft.


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